Thursday, November 30, 2006

Working With Thought Forms

The environment of the supraconscious creative mind is unitarily chaotic. To dowse the mind is to pull a thought forward from this unitary chaos into the rational mind for examination and analysis. In this manner, what is hidden becomes revealed, and what was lost becomes found. It becomes a method of expanding awareness - of oneself, one's connections and one's environment.

An odd mix of the few points pulled from the unitary chaos of this morning's dream.

Only 4 nekudot do I remember of the dream:
retrieve, the number 4, door & a tree-swing
from these comes out -> shamanic soul retrieval, dalet-dalet (gate), chashmal

Plus 4 nekudot of "vision words" flashing through my mind as I awoke:
black eye, chanah, drawstring (of a medicine bag) & the phrase "mag wire"
from these comes out -> pupil of the eye, da'at, techelet, superstring

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