Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ancient Wisdom Master Grimoire

י'ד בכסלו תשס"ח
Shamash 16

New addition to my bookshelf - Ancient Wisdom, The Master Grimoire by Pat Kirven Sawyer

"An excellent magickal herbal designed to help you learn about herbs and more. The Master Grimoire is the definitive magickal cookbook with thousands of recipes to keep cauldrons bubbling with delight. The is the definitive compendium of herbs, oils, and incenses for ritual ingredients, baths, tinctures, perfumes, sachets. Magickal applications include candle magick technique and annointing oil, powders, potions, floorwashes, talismans, charms and enchantments. A treasure trove from across time and across magickal paths including esoteric oral traditions and Mystery Schools. Remedies with origins as Druid, Enochian, Mayan, Gypsy, Santeria, Strega, Golden Dawn, Christian, Greek, Egyptian, Wiccan, Left Hand and more offer formulas for healing, hexing, manifestation, magnetism, banishing, protection, binding, love, sex, money, power, astral travel, divination, good fortune, legal matters, business, career, power, uncrossing, psychic vision and many more. Novelties, curios old and new. Secrets light and dark."

Friday, November 23, 2007

Year Of The Witch

י'ד בכסלו תשס"ח
Shamash 16

The first day of the 13 months on the witches' lunar year calendar occurs on the first new moon before Samhain. The 13th month - Alban Heruin - occurs every 2 to 3 years. The 13 months of the Witches' Year (with civil dates running through the year 2007-8) are:

Phasma Priscus (days of ancient spirits): 10/11-11/8
Shamash (days of the witch gods): 11/9-12/8
Grael (days of Earth Dragon): 12/9-1/7
Imbolgen (days of reclamation): 1/8-2/5
Keolwulf (days of the Old Ones): 2/6-3/6
Raven (days of air): 3/7-4/4
Annwyn (days of Avalon): 4/5-5/4
Mab (days of Faerie): 5/5-6/2
Alban Heruin (days of the Druid): 6/3-7/1
Faunus (days of Pan): 7/2-7/31
Lugnasadh (days of Lug): 8/1-8/29
Belz (days of fire): 8/30-9/27
Blodlessing (days of harvest rites): 9/28-10/27

Note: Like Jewish calendar "days", Witch calendar "days" begin at sundown.

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UPDATE: Witch's Calendar For 2008 and 2009

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Witch's Kabbalah

י'ג בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf - The Temple Of High Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak.

"The Craft meets high magick in The Temple of High Witchcraft, the much-anticipated fourth volume in Christopher Penczak's award-winning series of Witchcraft teachings. Penczak invites Witches to continue their spiritual evolution by exploring the ceremonial arts. Learn how these two traditions intersect in history and modern magickal practice. Penczak introduces Qabalah and discusses each sphere of the Tree of Life, in addition to ritual, path-working, and other important concepts. In twelve lessons, you'll discover how to integrate these ideas and practices into your Craft. Following the traditional year and a day timeframe, this training program culminates with creating your own "reality map" of spiritual experience and truths."

It will be interesting to see how another person integrates kabbalah and witchcraft.

Time Witchery

י'ג בכסלו תשס"ח

My new Spiral Goddess athame is made of solid high quality Brittania pewter, with a double edged stainless steel blade. Athame hilt is a 3-dimensional archetypal goddess figure with the symbolic spiral on her belly. Hilt is heavy weight, highly polished pewter, & has a very comfortable feel when gripped.

Pewter in Hebrew is נתך. From the similarly spelled shoresh, נתך means to "dissolve and pour". With a gematria of 470, נתך has the same gematria as "time", עת.

Thus, my new athame is an instrument for dissolving, pouring out and directing the essence of time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Intercalating Time

ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

Two new additions to my bookshelf: Understanding The Jewish Calendar by Rabbi Nathan Bushwick

"Understanding the Jewish Calendar presents the scientific and mathematical ideas of the Rishonim on the calendar in a clear and simply terminology and form for the modern reader. The principles are all explained step by step, and the calculations are worked out and explained so that they can be understood without previous background in the subject.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with astronomy and serves as an introduction to the principles of the calendar. The second part explains the actual principles and calculations of the calendar."

Seasons Of The Witch Primer by Victoria David Danann

"Magick as Art, Skill and Craft. Companion guide to Seasons of the Witch calendars and planner systems. Victoria David Danann outlines the magickal system and philosophy that serves as foundation to the details of the witch's calendar. Reference section with alphabetical listing of power days, their meanings and explanations, suitable to keep in your planner. This primer serves as a guide to maximize the results of your castings. Includes answers to frequently asked questions, the list of power energies with explanations, tarot and color correspondences and a reference section."

Astrology In Jewish Thought

ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf: Above the Zodiac: Astrology In Jewish Thought by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

"Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection between Jewish mysticism and classic astrology by citing the many references scattered throughout Jewish literature to the influence of the stars on human destiny. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson gives a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology according to kabbalah, summarizing the complex system of elements in Jewish thought that correlates to each astrological sign."

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kabbalistic Crystal

ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf - Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools For Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership by Ted Andrews

"In today's world of rapid change, we need every tool we can get to bring us back to a healthful center. Some of the most beneficial devices for this are the sphere and the bowl made of crystal. Popular author Ted Andrews divulges all the secrets of these entrancing instruments in Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls.

These two tools are some of the most potent avenues to higher states of consciousness. Their use in healing, activating creativity, foretelling the future, and balancing the human energy system are timeless. Just look at a bit of what you will learn in Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls:

    Step-by-step guidelines for developing clairvoyance with the crystal ball

    A variety of methods for crystal gazing

    Ways to divine with water

    Guidelines for enhancing crystal gazing with candles, fragrances, and flower and gem elixirs

    Uses and effects of different types of crystal balls

    Methods of healing with the crystal ball

    Techniques to attune to spirit guides, angels, and devas

    The use of sacred sound

    Instruction on inducing altered states of consciousness and astral projection

    Explorations of times: past, present, and future with the crystal ball

    Qabalistic scrying rituals

Now, anyone can utilize crystal balls and crystal bowls in some of their most prized roles. Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls takes these mighty instruments of divination out of the realm of the occult and places them in the hands of the people for personal empowerment.

No matter how you use these tools, for divination, meditation, healing, or discovering the secrets of sound, this book is a must."


ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf - Crystal Ball: Stones, Amulets and Talismans For Power, Protection And Prophecy by Sybil Ferguson

"Scrying, the art of divining by looking into an appropriate surface and receiving visions, has been used by healers, shamans, and witch doctors since ancient times. In Crystal Ball, Sibyl Ferguson offers a concise and accurate account of the history and art of using crystal balls, or "shewstones" as they were called in the bible, as tools to improve daily life. This revised and expanded edition includes additional guidance for care of crystals and gemstones as well as information on using them for healing and protection."

Real Energy

ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf - Real Energy: Systems, Spirits, And Substances to Heal, Change, And Grow by Phaedra and Isaac Bonewits

"Energy. Psi, prana, mana, chi, divine power, the tao, reiki, or "vibes," every system of magic and mysticism calls the energies that power its practices by different names. Whether questioning the power of prayer or a healing session with a Reiki master an underlying question exists of whether this energy is all the same or if they exist as distinctly different "wavelengths" of some universal power?

When New Agers, occultists, spiritual healers, metaphysicians, artists, and Neopagans talk about the "energies" they use, what do they actually mean? Now, for the first time, a single book discusses the vocabulary, magic, metaphysics, art, and science of energy from a multi-model, 21st century perspective.

Lessons included will cover: • Physical vocabulary of energy • Metaphysical vocabulary of energy • How the laws of magic affect energy • The Importance of Focus

Real Energy will then take these lessons to the next level giving you direction on how to understand and begin working with different energies. Half of the book is dedicated to showing you how to work with specific energies, including: the four elements, crystals, plants, animals, your own body, nature spirits, ancestors, and deities to accomplish your goals and enhance life experiences. Specific energy work practices are also covered, including: Reiki, The Huna System, working with "Pure" ESP and PK, Feng Shui, and the Tantra System.

With tips from scientists, artists, magicians, and spiritual teachers, Real Energy will give you a solid introduction to both the theory and practice of energy work."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Israeli Black String Chamsa

כ'ט בחשון תשס"ח

My "kabbalah" bracelet is from Israel, made of black leather, and comes with a chamsa charm. הּ

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sheva Kafulot Of The Expansive Hexagram

כ'ג בחשון תשס"ח

The double letters (sheva kafulot) of the Hebrew aleph-beit correspond to the 7 directions in space: up-down, west-east and south-north. Directional points on the hexagram are assigned according to the Gra as described in Sefer Yetzirah 4:4.

The sheva kafulot of the shabbat pentacle together with the sheva kafulot of the expansive hexagram represent the inside-out, outside-in actions of nun hafucha.

Sheva Kafulot Of The Shabbat Pentacle

כ'ב בחשון תשס"ח

The double letters (otiot hakafulot) of the Hebrew aleph-beit correspond to the 7 directions in space: up-down, west-east and south-north. Directional points on the pentagram are assigned according to the Zohar (Shemot, Va'Era). The "up" point is unitive in nature. The "down area" is multiplicative in nature. Thus, the form of the pentagram and the letter kaf (כ) correspond to "up", and the circle and the letter pei (פ) correspond to "down".

Sheva Kafulot
kaf כ - pei פ - tav ת - beit ב - reish ר - gimel ג - dalet ד

Examine with them, and probe with them, make each thing stand on its essence ... Sefer Yetzirah 4:5

From here on go out and calculate that which the mouth cannot speak and the ear cannot hear ... Sefer Yetzirah 4:16

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Otiot HaShimush Of The Wise Pentacle

כ'ב בחשון תשס"ח

Elemental points of the pentagram shown are those according to the Zohar (Shemot, Va'Era). Otiot ha-shimush (prefix letters of the Hebrew aleph-beit), central letter ה (in the pentagon-upside down house form of the centre) and encompassing letter ב (in the closed circular form of rectified consciousness) were assigned according to kabbalistic correspondences as described in the teachings of R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh.

Otiot Ha-Shamush
kaf כ - mem מ - lamed ל - shin ש - vav ו

The House (Ha-Beit)
hei ה - beit ב

Through wisdom the House is built ... Proverbs 24:3

So know thou wisdom to be unto thy soul; if thou hast found it, then shall there be a future, and thy hope shall not be cut off ... Proverbs 24:14

Otiot Sofiot Of The Expressive Pentacle

כ'ב בחשון תשס"ח

Elemental points of the pentagram shown are those according to the Zohar (Shemot, Va'Era). Otiot sofiot (final letters of the Hebrew aleph-beit), central letter ה (in the form of the inner pentagon) and encompassing letter ס (in the form of the circle) were assigned according to kabbalistic correspondences as described in the teachings of R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh.

The Otiot Sofiot
kaf ך - mem ם - nun ן - tzadi ץ - pei ף

The Center & The Circle
hei ה + samech ס => a double portion of equanimity

She who does not possess such equanimity shows herself to be of the "mixed multitude" ... R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Friday, November 02, 2007

Craftworking With Vintage Beads

כ'ב בחשון תשס"ח

I've started collecting vintage beads (like the one shown), ribbons, natural feathers and other special objects to make handcrafted unique herb and spell bottles. My bottles will be very "earthy" - shades of earthtones spiced with color at times. Woodsy.

I'm not really drawn alot to metalware - only sparingly. One exception to my avoidance of metalware is this Abby Willowroot "tree of life" herb bowl. My witchware and botanical inventory is growing nicely.