Sunday, September 27, 2009

Black Mirror Charged In The Light Of Union

ט' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 10

On this day preceding Yom Kippur, during the High Holy Days, in advance preparation for Samhain, in follow-up to Heikhalot, The Nine-Tenths Gate, my mystically magical dream including the rite of water skrying and the full moon through which my art is divinely charged (and divinely blessed through the the black skrying bowl ever filled with fresh spring water on the southern corner of my altar), is my expertly handcrafted skrying mirror consecrated in the light of our otherworldly union. My stunning spiral Goddess skrying mirror is kept safely tucked away within my altar space within a beautifully handcrafted crocheted deep black pouch specifically designed for the mirror.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Moonlight Mystery Smudging Feather

ד' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 5

Words fail to describe the stunning elegance of my new one of-a-kind handcrafted Moonlight Mystery smudging feather.

Measuring 13.5 inches long and made in honor of the Great Spirit, "this smudging feather includes the energies of the Spanish Turkey, the Guinea Hen, and the Gray Peacock Pheasant (feathers in fan), the Rabbit (trim), the Cow (handle), the Deer (lacing), the Tree of Knowledge (handle—Cocobolo wood), the Guinea Hen and the Gray Peacock Pheasant (dangles), and Black Onyx gemstone (dangle—relieves fear of unknown and increases confidence, facilitates happiness, enhances emotional balance and self control), and Amethyst gemstone (dangles—attracts love, and affection, helps assimilate new ideas, and promotes calm, peacefulness and contentment)."

Simply wow!

Handcrafted Pentacle Spell Locket

ד' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 5

This exquisite handcrafted pentacle spell locket is among my newest ritual treasures. The silver pentacle is mounted upon an ornate antiqued silver engraved locket and measures approximately 1.25 inches. A silver sparrow adorns the 18" chain made from a vintage inspired rosary connector. It's simply gorgeous!

Power Of Life And Death

ג' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 4

We all have heard the cliche - the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. So it is among witches as well. With greater magical power, comes greater magical responsibility. To remain ever mindful of this obligation and to create a sense of magical alertness, I have added a wolfsbane talisman to my collection of sacred altar tools. The glass vial containing the baneful herb is fully sealed.

Sacred to witches, wolfsbane is a classic witch's garden herb. It is also deadly poisonous - and a medicine. Medicines derived from it come under Table 1 of the poison schedule.

Wolfsbane is used to reverse shapeshifting spells and for powerful focused protection. One scratch from a magically created elf-bolt is fatal to an enemy.

Though extremely poisonous, wolfsbane has controlled medicinal uses as a diuretic, diaphoretic and pain reliever. Medicines derived from it are used to treat heart failure, high fever and to relieve pain associated with neuralgia, rheumatism, pleurisy and aneurism. It has also been used to treat acute tonsilitis in children.

In wolfsbane is both the power to heal and the power to destroy contained.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mother Of Manifest Blessing

ג' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 4

In follow-up to earlier entries (Times of Judgment And Blessing and She Who Named Him Adam), complementing the Fehu rune and the three Hebrew triplets inscribed on my Rosh Hashanah-Mabon ritual candle as previously described, I also inscribed the mother of manifestation rune, namely, Uruz (pronounced ooo-rooze, like the 'oo' as in boo!). Uruz, with the phonetic values of 'u' and 'v', means drizzle, rain and horns of blessing. It is a force which patterns and formulates reality, natural order and tradition.

It rained here today.

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Season's Blessings!

The Witch's Herb

ב' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 3

Basil, also know as American dittany, is commonly called the witch's herb. Dark opal basil is a spectacular variety of basil with dramatic deep purple, sometimes mottled leaves. A ancient member of the mint family, there are over 150 species of basil. I have a small stock of this gorgeous deep purple variety of the witch's herb!

In the late 1600's, in Salem Massechusetts, basil was planted as a protection against witchcraft. In ancient Greece it was believed that basil could prosper in chaos, especially when it was aligned with misfortune, poverty and hate. Magically, basil has also been planted on graves, used in love potions and flying ointments, and to banish harm, soothe tempers and attract abundant prosperity. It is a classic multifunctional protection, prosperity and love herb.

"Where Basil grows, no evil goes!" and "Where Basil is, no evil lives," the old adages go.

Dark opal basil makes a beautiful pink-purpley vinegar. To make it:

In a glass jar with one quart of white vinegar, add one tightly packed cup of leaves and stems for an infusion - more herb will strengthen the taste, but not the color. If the jar has a screw top, put waxed paper between the jar and the lid. To hasten the infusion, place the jar in a sunny window. Watching the vinegar turn color is fun. The acid in vinegar breaks down the plant material and it will begin to look unsightly. After about a month, strain out and dispose of the basil. A dwarf form of purple basil makes a lovely low border.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Times Of Judgment And Blessing

כ'ג באלול תשס״ט
Belz 24

This year, astrological Mabon in my location falls on September 22, a day which actually begins the evening before on September 21 according to the Celtic reckoning of time. At Mabon, the sun enters Libra, the zodiac sign represented by the Scales of Justice. Just as the Jewish observance of Rosh Hashanah (September 19-20 this year) is a time of judgment, so too is the Celtic observance of Mabon a time of judgment.

Unity and multiplicity in balanced harmony. My handpoured autumn equinox apple candle is thickly scented with traditional Mabon essences including apple blossom, cinnamon and other woodsy Mabon spices. Inscribed with the Fehu rune (a directing expansive force with which to facilitate projection and distribution of magical power person to person among one's soul family) and three Hebrew triplets (for prosperity, success, healing, health, and protection from the evil eye), my Mabon-Rosh Hashanah ritual candle will be anointed with cinnamon bark oil and sprinkled with basil.

May the scales of justice this wholy season find us balanced and fit for abundant blessing. So mote it be, אמן.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Like A Walk Through A Witch's Garden

י'ו באלול תשס״ט
Belz 17

Wonderfully and exquisitely wicked is the newest addition to my witchy wardrobe - this skirt reminds me of a quiet walk through a witch's garden. I simply adore it! Now, I need to find the perfect vintage Victorian or Edwardian lace blouse to go with it.