Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire ... And Ice Water

י׳א באלול תשס״ט
Belz 12

Last night before bed I drew the rune isa - the rune of ice, stillness, concentration and rest. Interestingly, earlier in the evening, I had just purchased a handcrafted pentacle ritual bowl to complement my fehu gold fire pentacle ritual bowl.

My newest pentacle ritual bowl gleams with the irridescent colors of teal and green with copper. It's gorgeous and perfectly complements the gold fire fehu bowl.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Mystery Of Gold

י׳ באלול תשס״ט
Belz 11

The mystery of gold, fehu, is a force which flows like fire. Shown above is my newest ritual acquisition - a handcrafted fire pentacle of gold ritual bowl. I received it just a few days ago.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mystical Witch Jewelry

ב' באלול תשס״ט
Belz 3

To celebrate my recent pay raise and in timely anticipation of both Celtic and Jewish New Year observances (Samhain and Rosh Hashanah, respectively), I've purchased two pieces of wholy stunning fine mystical jewelry, an onyx witch's ring and an onyx-pentacle skrying pendant.

The two-toned ring features a large jet-black onyx crafted with a gleaming sterling silver band. Around the deep depths of gemstone shimmers 14-karat gold rope detailing. The oval onyx measures 17.5 mm long x 13 mm wide.

The onyx-pentacle pendant is crafted with sterling silver and a half-sphere (nearly 1/2 inch thick) of jet-black onyx with a silver pentacle on the back face. The beautifully exquisite cabochon, surrounded by a silver vine design, measures about 20 mm and the entire pendant measures about 1 3/8 inches in diameter.

Goddess! these are so beauuuuutiful!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quietly Beneath The Apple Tree

י"ט באב תשס״ט
Lughnasadh 20

The traditional home of the unicorn is known to be beneath the apple tree. Legend teaches that if a pure woman sits quietly beneath the apple tree, the unicorn will come, lay his head in her lap and allow her to fed him apples.

In follow-up to my entry on Walking on Fire, Still Alive In Me, and in honor of my Celtic-Germanic ancestors, I now own a handcrafted stunning set of magical runes made in the traditional way from a single continuous length of wood from a fruit-bearing apple tree. My set also includes a (blank) wyrd rune. Each rune has the bark still attached and was sawn and sanded by hand, without the use of power tools. Each rune symbol was pyrographed into the wood (also without the use of an electric pyrography tool) by heating in a flame various metal straight lines of different lengths before applying them to the bare wood.

When the time is right - perhaps around Samhain - each rune will be traditionally consecrated and stained with drops of my own blood mixed with red ochre on a white cloth (which will be ritually burned after the runes dry).

I am making my rune bag in the traditional way as well - sewn by my own hand and fashioned from an article of my own clothing.

I invite all my ancestors to attend the ritual preparation and consecration of my mystically magical runes. We are alive. May we all be a blessing and be blessed.