Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mystical Dreams

י'ט באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 20

New addition to my bookshelf - The Mystical Meaning Of Dreams by Avraham Arieh Trugman

"What is the powerful and mystifying message of dreams? They inspire us and frighten us, amuse us and bewilder us, yet they've always been a profound source of inspiration in our lives. In his latest book, Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman takes us into the hidden dimensions of the Torah in this fascinating exploration of the mystical meaning of dreams; their prophetic nature, how they're revealed in the Torah, their symbolic meaning, and more. Learn more about how to understand dreams and use them to nurture emotional growth and further our spiritual goals."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Witch Doctor

י' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 11

Newest addition to my bookshelf - The Way Of The Shaman by Michael Harner

"Some call them 'witch doctors' or 'medicine men', but now an increasing number of Western health professionals are seriously studying the astonishing healing powers of the shamans. Anthropologist Michael Harner takes us on a personal odyssey to the source of shamanic healing: one's innermost self. Step by step he leads the reader through simple techniques and exercises to achieve altered states of consciousness without drugs - the shaman's way to profound psychological fitness and curing. Here, in an ancient system little known to the West, is an invaluable aid to modern medicine, and an enthralling work of psychological and spiritual exploration."

Exquisitely Witchy Wear

י' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 11

Exquisitely witchy wear. And mine. All mine.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Five Petaled Redemption Flower

ד' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 5

In follow-up to the entry Blue Dahlia Artisan Tea Blend, I note that the organically cultivated blue malva blossoms ingredient in this hand-crafted tea blend come from a five-petaled flower, where the value five is symbolic of actualized redemption in this world. הּ

Poultices of blue malva are used to disinfect wounds. Used in herbal teas, the complex polysaccharide arabinogalactose in blue malva has immune-stimulant properties. Arabinogalactose has been demonstrated in scientific research studies to inhibit liver metastasis of L1 sarcoma (cancer) cells.

Blue malva's connection to preventing malignant disease in the liver makes this five petaled blossom a corresponding kabbalistic antidote to the primordial snake and disease of da'at.

Blue Dahlia Artisan Tea Blend

ד' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 5

Blue Dahlia is an unique artisan tea blend by Tea Noir. With all-natural organic ingredients and a premium Yunnan tea base, hand-blended with Juniper berries, clove, blue malva blossoms cultivated without chemicals, and a hint of vanilla, it brews up into a beautiful amber liquor with a spicy yet delicate taste. It's an exquisite treat, perfect for Craftwork.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Magic Megilah

ג' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 4

My magic megilah, handcrafted for my ritual work by Witches Moon.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Royal Witch Ball

ב' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 3

Witch Ball Folklore - "Witch balls have been very popular since the 18th century. Hanging these decorative glass balls in the window or on the porch is thought to tantalize mischievous spirits which may be threatening a home's tranquility. The wayward spirit is mesmerized the ball's reflective beauty. When the spirit touches the sphere it is absorbed and transformed in the web-like strands of the glass inside the ball."

My handblown witch ball (shown) was named Royalty by the artist who made it and is approximately the size of a large grapefruit.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Magic Keys To Redemption

כ"ח בשבט תשס"ח
Imbolgen 28

I have 9 magic skeleton keys, each measuring in the range from 63.5 to 127 mm in length. Nine represents the 9 sefirot from Keter to Yesod (the lunar realm where the 9 collect). The value 63.5 represents Ateret HaYesod (the sub-lunar realm and the inner source of Malchut) and the 63-letter Divine Name which carries the Will to actualize (via the value 5) the power of rectified imagination. The value 5 represents the power of expression through 5 paths of The Law as described in the esoteric teachings of both Celtic Witchcraft (for example, the Tract of The Law of Kings as found in Brehon Law) and Jewish Kabbalah (for example, the 5 Gevurot of Da'at in Malchut). The value of 127 represents the perfect extension of all that came before into Malchut.

R. J. Stewart writes in The Spirit Cord:
The sub-lunar realm holds the hidden keys to many mysteries of death and rebirth, sleeping a waking, remembering and forgetting ... The sub-lunar realm generates the tides of oceans, of weather and the rise and fall of species, health and disease, and destruction and regeneration of all life forms on earth. Not of life itself, but of the life forms, species and patterns, through which life manifests into form in Nature. More simply, the sub-lunar world holds the keys to active redemption and rebalancing of our current environmental and health crises. Once we have moved our awareness into this realm, we are gradually able to interact with its subtle forces especially the tidal energies that move into and out of manifestation flowing through all living beings and through the planet itself.

Interesting, I think.