Sunday, February 03, 2008

Magic Keys To Redemption

כ"ח בשבט תשס"ח
Imbolgen 28

I have 9 magic skeleton keys, each measuring in the range from 63.5 to 127 mm in length. Nine represents the 9 sefirot from Keter to Yesod (the lunar realm where the 9 collect). The value 63.5 represents Ateret HaYesod (the sub-lunar realm and the inner source of Malchut) and the 63-letter Divine Name which carries the Will to actualize (via the value 5) the power of rectified imagination. The value 5 represents the power of expression through 5 paths of The Law as described in the esoteric teachings of both Celtic Witchcraft (for example, the Tract of The Law of Kings as found in Brehon Law) and Jewish Kabbalah (for example, the 5 Gevurot of Da'at in Malchut). The value of 127 represents the perfect extension of all that came before into Malchut.

R. J. Stewart writes in The Spirit Cord:
The sub-lunar realm holds the hidden keys to many mysteries of death and rebirth, sleeping a waking, remembering and forgetting ... The sub-lunar realm generates the tides of oceans, of weather and the rise and fall of species, health and disease, and destruction and regeneration of all life forms on earth. Not of life itself, but of the life forms, species and patterns, through which life manifests into form in Nature. More simply, the sub-lunar world holds the keys to active redemption and rebalancing of our current environmental and health crises. Once we have moved our awareness into this realm, we are gradually able to interact with its subtle forces especially the tidal energies that move into and out of manifestation flowing through all living beings and through the planet itself.

Interesting, I think.


Anonymous said...

may i ask how or in what form you use these keys?

Liorah Lleucu said...

I haven't used them yet. Actually, I bought them on a gut feeling (as I do with many of my tools), and then decided/discovered they were "redemption keys". I'm not sure how I'm going to use them, but when the time comes, "how" will come too.

Liorah Lleucu said...

An interesting synchronicity:

Yesterday and today I attended a two-day seminar-workshop for work. Each day we were given a tabbed notebook containing the learning materials from a stack of preprepared notebooks. The notebooks weren't person-specific, we were each just given one from among the stack. After the seminar was well underway the first day, I noticed that my notebook was missing tab 5. During the break I told one of the speakers that my notebook was missing tab 5, and she gave me a new notebook, with the "tab 5" material. She didn't want the other notebook back and told me to just keep it. Later, I discovered that even though "tab 5" was missing, the "tab 5" material was in the notebook, included under the previous tab with tab 4 material. So, now I have two notebooks with all the day 1 material. The first notebook just needs another divider tab. Two sets of Tab 5 material, one set revealed, one set concealed.

This is an interesting "little" synchronicity of my "magic" with "real life", I think.