Thursday, January 10, 2008

Light Within The Land

ג' בשבט תשס"ח
Imbolgen 3

New additions to my bookshelf, the 4 book series Underworld Initiation, Earth Light, Power Within The Land, and The Well Of Light by R. J. Stewart.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Cord Of Remembering

א' בשבט תשס"ח
Imbolgen 1
Day Of The Dark Moon

In consideration of my preincarnate memories, this new addition to my bookshelf is particularly interesting. I highly recommend this book. It's not just another New Age witchcraft book. This one contains real foundational magic. Excellent - The Spirit Cord by R. J. Stewart

"THE SPIRIT CORD reveals many insights and practical methods of Cord meditation, empowered vision and spiritual magic using a physical cord in a set of simple and powerful practices. These practices, known as forms, range from the metaphysical and ancestral traditions of the ancient world to a unique set of contemporary methods for transforming consciousness. The contemporary forms are the result of more than thirty years of work by R.J. Stewart and have been developed and tested in ongoing groups in the USA and Britain. R.J. Stewart is a Scottish author and composer, published worldwide, writing and teaching on mythic, spiritual, and magical subjects."

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ritual Quartz Crystal Point Pendant M'Yah

כ"ז בטבת תשס"ח
Grael 28

My new ritual amethyst and clear quartz crystal pendant was formerly owned by Priestess Miya. It is a Bali piece with wonderful scrolled detail of sterling silver. The top has a great bail for hanging the pendant, strong enough to sleep in. It has a vibrant faceted amethyst cabochon set into the front. The crystal has a fine chlorite mist at the top. It has two small knicks out of the tip as it has been used in many witches' rituals. The piece is about 2" and it simply shines in the sun.

It's exquisite.

Besom Of Rectified Adamic Consciousness

כ"ז בטבת תשס"ח
Grael 28

Yesterday morning, I purchased my Grapevine Besom. This unique tool was hand crafted by witches at Samhain. The wood found in CT, my ritual broomstick is made of thick grapevine and measures 45" (אדם) long. The bristles are rust color (תפוז = 463 = תבונה).