Sunday, February 10, 2008

Five Petaled Redemption Flower

ד' באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 5

In follow-up to the entry Blue Dahlia Artisan Tea Blend, I note that the organically cultivated blue malva blossoms ingredient in this hand-crafted tea blend come from a five-petaled flower, where the value five is symbolic of actualized redemption in this world. הּ

Poultices of blue malva are used to disinfect wounds. Used in herbal teas, the complex polysaccharide arabinogalactose in blue malva has immune-stimulant properties. Arabinogalactose has been demonstrated in scientific research studies to inhibit liver metastasis of L1 sarcoma (cancer) cells.

Blue malva's connection to preventing malignant disease in the liver makes this five petaled blossom a corresponding kabbalistic antidote to the primordial snake and disease of da'at.

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