Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sheva Kafulot Of The Shabbat Pentacle

כ'ב בחשון תשס"ח

The double letters (otiot hakafulot) of the Hebrew aleph-beit correspond to the 7 directions in space: up-down, west-east and south-north. Directional points on the pentagram are assigned according to the Zohar (Shemot, Va'Era). The "up" point is unitive in nature. The "down area" is multiplicative in nature. Thus, the form of the pentagram and the letter kaf (כ) correspond to "up", and the circle and the letter pei (פ) correspond to "down".

Sheva Kafulot
kaf כ - pei פ - tav ת - beit ב - reish ר - gimel ג - dalet ד

Examine with them, and probe with them, make each thing stand on its essence ... Sefer Yetzirah 4:5

From here on go out and calculate that which the mouth cannot speak and the ear cannot hear ... Sefer Yetzirah 4:16

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