Friday, November 23, 2007

Year Of The Witch

י'ד בכסלו תשס"ח
Shamash 16

The first day of the 13 months on the witches' lunar year calendar occurs on the first new moon before Samhain. The 13th month - Alban Heruin - occurs every 2 to 3 years. The 13 months of the Witches' Year (with civil dates running through the year 2007-8) are:

Phasma Priscus (days of ancient spirits): 10/11-11/8
Shamash (days of the witch gods): 11/9-12/8
Grael (days of Earth Dragon): 12/9-1/7
Imbolgen (days of reclamation): 1/8-2/5
Keolwulf (days of the Old Ones): 2/6-3/6
Raven (days of air): 3/7-4/4
Annwyn (days of Avalon): 4/5-5/4
Mab (days of Faerie): 5/5-6/2
Alban Heruin (days of the Druid): 6/3-7/1
Faunus (days of Pan): 7/2-7/31
Lugnasadh (days of Lug): 8/1-8/29
Belz (days of fire): 8/30-9/27
Blodlessing (days of harvest rites): 9/28-10/27

Note: Like Jewish calendar "days", Witch calendar "days" begin at sundown.

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