Sunday, November 18, 2007

Astrology In Jewish Thought

ח' בכסלו תשס"ח

New addition to my bookshelf: Above the Zodiac: Astrology In Jewish Thought by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

"Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection between Jewish mysticism and classic astrology by citing the many references scattered throughout Jewish literature to the influence of the stars on human destiny. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson gives a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology according to kabbalah, summarizing the complex system of elements in Jewish thought that correlates to each astrological sign."


a vulpine heart said...

how useful would you say this book is? and, perhaps more interestingly, do you dabble in the tarot?

Liorah Lleucu said...

Very useful. It's not an astrological cookbook by any stretch of the imagination. It provides information for making astrology an artistic and creative endeavor.

I don't dabble in tarot. The tarot magic I do is rather unique and doesn't follow any standard rules. Like Luke Skywalker, I "feel my way".

Anonymous said...

i ordered this book today, based largely on your recommendation.