Monday, November 06, 2006

Eleven Gates Of Etz Chai

Below is the list of the eleven 2-letter hebrew roots [1] I have currently chosen to represent the gates to the categories in my Hall of Records:

Kingdom Of Shadows - הא - behold, being, exist, she, he, it


1 (purification) - בו - lift, come, in it, move from public to private domain, entrance

2 (persecution) - רמ - elevate, targeted movement, pomegranate

3 (symbolism) - טפ - measuring with one's hand, attach, writing board, measured steps

4 (mindcraft) - שז - look, braid, link parts together, impact

5 (timecraft) - נס - miracle, prove, challenge, test, anointing, consecrating, raise signal, webbing, pour into a particular place, travel, ascend

6 (wordcraft) - כל - everything, all, complete, restrain, contain, sustain

7 (toolcraft) - דג - standard, signal, multiply, rally

8 (ritualwork) - תק - repair, complete, straight, ready, power, authority

9 (nite rites) - עצ - concentrate energy toward a goal, strengthen, exercise authority

Scroll Of Dreams - חי - full of life, vitality, healthy, living, chayah & yechidah, shem chai


[1] A 2-letter hebrew root is called a sha'ar (gate). See Sefer Yetzirah 2:4. There are eleven 2-letter arrays which correspond to the sefirot as they "exist" in the Universe of Tohu. The eleven "unique arrays" have both a "front" and "back" - corresponding to the prophetic reverse vision of ra'oh and chazah.


Anonymous said...

Iin the 4th book of mashiach called the 'hall of records' there are twelve gates. Each gate pertaning to the underworld.


Liorah-Lleucu said...

I've never heard any of this. To make such statements, it would really help your credibility as far as I'm concerned if you identified yourself with more than an "m" and provided references such that your information could be better evaluated. I tend to be skeptical of the validity and veracity of information delivered cryptically.