Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shamanic Power Animals

During my life, two animals have "spoken a message" to me during altered states of consciousness. The first animal was the common field mouse*, in the "epiphany" of 1967 when I was 6 years old. The second animal was a golden-haired kitten* (cat) around 1987, long before I came to the recent realization that this was a shamanic encounter. It was also before I became a ba'alat teshuvah in 1996.

Reviewing my dreams, over the past several recent years and past decade, the animals which frequently appear or have appeared in dream journeys are the spider (mythic and mundane), the lion, the snake (mythic and mundane), the gorilla (in the mythic sense of King Kong), the dog (wild and domesticated), the crocodile, the shark, hornets, bees, buffalo, the bear, the horse (untamed), lice/flea-like "almost" insects, piranha, the meercat and the elephant (mythic and mundane). None of these animals have "mystically spoken", although I have had unusual real-life encounters with both a spider and a snake.

In the case of the snake, a very large one was found by my children to live in the basement of a house I rented as a single mom. My children found it one day while putting their bicycles away in the basement. My oldest son killed it and then came and told me about it. Time: around 1992.

In the case of the spider, I asked a for a "sign" and if it was "true" I would see a spider immediately. Amazingly, one immediately walked over the edge of my desk onto the top of it and walked across it. Time: 1996.

For a short period, about 3-5 years ago, a large mythic land-based whale-like "sea-creature" and a flying dragon made more than a few appearances in my dream journeys. Those appearances stopped as a cluster of spider-lion-snake appearances began.

*Importantly, the mouse and the kitten were speaking spirits whose purpose was to protect me.

Baruch Hashem for these two special animals who accomplished their purpose at great cost to themselves.

What are shamanic power animals?

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