Friday, November 03, 2006

Cauldron Spiral Triskelion

The cauldron-triple spiral triskelion in my masthead is a celtic [1] symbol of the 3-fold aspect of the Sacred Feminine - as maiden, mother and crone. It represents the power of the earth (malchut), shapeshifting (transformation) and the "place" where Divine Inspiration (hashra'ah) and Knowledge (da'at Torah) are brewed. Psychospiritually, it represents wholeness through integration of mind (neshamah), spirit (ruach) and body (nefesh elokit) with one's Divine Image (the 2 encompassing circles, representing chayah and yechidah). פ


Maiden Aspect - New Moon

birth & regrowth
new beginnings
inception, expansion
excitement, carefree erotic aura

Mother Aspect - Full Moon

love & battle
ripeness, fertility, fulfillment
stability & power

Crone Aspect - Old Moon

mystical power
rebirth & renewal
wisdom, repose, compassion


[1] My natural ancestry includes Celtic (maternal & paternal), Jewish (maternal) and Native American (paternal) bloodlines.

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