Monday, November 27, 2006

Natural Versus Crafted Probabilities

In response to the scientific guest post over at DovBear, Quantum Miracles, which attemtps to refute that the power of the conscious mind can influence reality and that quantum mechanics can explain miracles:

I think, "probabilities" (quantum in nature) are made from a series of reiterating yes-no choices as to which "path" reality should take. An actual reality is the sum of the choice which has "accumulated" the most "yeses" during the nonlinear course of the iteration. Consequently, should one's "consciousness" be able to enter into "that place" where those iterating choices are "made" (where making those choices is a function of Binah) then one can influence the manifest outcome. Therefore, I think we indeed can influence outcomes, with Binah-consciousness.

What the scientist is talking about in Quantum Miracles could be termed "natural probabilities" while influence through Binah-consciousness I could term "crafted probabilities".


Urijah said...

You just reinvented Richard Feynman's sum over histories approach. Congratulations!

Liorah-Lleucu said...

Really? Very cool. I've not heard of Feynman's theory before. I had in mind Murray Gellmann's concept of "coarse grained histories" as I was writing it. I'll have to look this Feynman theory up.