Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Circle Casting & Sovev Kol Almin

ללאכו המסובבת

In Talmud there exists the famous story of Choni MaMa'agel (חוני המעגל). Choni the circle-drawer was a miracle-worker.

Nevertheless, I do not want to name the sacred circles I cast as a Jewitch using the root עגל which means both circle and calf. From this root is born the word used for calf in the idolatrous golden calf incident we read about in Shemot 32. Consequently, I won't call myself a Ma'agelet.

I prefer to use the root סבב which means surrounding, encircle, rotate and turn events [1]. From this root comes sovev kol almin ("surrounding all worlds"), which is the transcendent Divine energy which permeates the universe. This is the energy I choose with which to cast my sacred circle.

Lluecu HaMasovevet.


[1] Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark

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