Saturday, November 25, 2006


In my previous entry, I wrote that my circle name Lleucu ללאכו functions as a true kabbalistic name, in that it symbolizes "receiving" (mekubal) the light of shabbat consciousness. I further wrote regarding Lleucu:

Lleucu ללאכו is my name of Shabbat consciousness. ללאכו has a gematria of 87 (see Akvah). It is also the root לאך surrounded by the letters ל"ו (see lamedvavnik).

The Hebrew letters ל"ו (meaning "to him") which surround the root also demonstrate that the name Lleucu symbolizes "giving" (mashpia) the light of shabbat consciousness (לאך) "to him". To my true bashert.

The time will come when the feminine will have greater access to transcendental consciousness than the masculine; and in that time, she will bestow and man will receive from her. R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi Tefilat LaKhal HaShana

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