Thursday, November 23, 2006

Aranrhod - Mevaseret Tzion

segol vowel, trope

In follow-up to my previous post regarding kabbalistic and mystical correspondences to the first day of the week, Sunday, I note the Hebrew and Celtic archetypes associated with the moon are Hebrew Avraham and Celtic (Welsh) Aranrhod. Avraham, is the well known patriarch giving birth to many peoples, including the Jewish people. Avraham, of course, is a masculine archetype. Celtic Aranrhod is a feminine archetype.

In Celtic-Welsh mythology, Aranrhod is the archetypal "goddess of the dawn", the sky and fertility. Corresponding to Aranrhod is the Judaic concept of mevaseret tzion, herald of the dawn. Significantly, mevaseret tzion is discussed in Torah in Yeshayahu 40:9. The numbers designating this pasuk are 40 and 9, with Hebrew letter correspondences, mem מ and tet ט, respectively. Consequently, Aranrhod is integrally connected, not only the concept of mevaseret tzion, but to the mem-tet מ:ט family of roots as well.

Taking all this together, Avraham is the masculine archetype associated with the birth of many nations, while Aranrhod is the feminine archetype associated with geulah, the redemption of those nations.

Yeshayahu 40:9 מ:ט

על הר-גבה עלי-לך מבשרת ציון הרימי בכח קולך מבשרת ירושלם הרימי אל-תיראי אמרי לערי יהודה הנה אלהיכם

Al har govo’ah ‘ali loch mevaseres Tzion, horimi bako’ach kolaych mevaseres Yerushalayim, horimi, al tiro’i, imri le’oray Yehudah hinei Elokeichem.

Ascend upon a high mountain, O herald (fem.) of Tzion, raise your voice with strength, O herald (fem.) of Yerushalayim. Raise it, fear not; say to the cities of Yehudah: Behold, your G-d.

Express in truth, whatever the soul reveals; for with each spark of truth, torches of light assemble, illuminating the whole world, and from such fragments of inner truth will the Great Truth emerge. [Rav Kook, Lights Of Holiness 1:168]

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