Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Natural Witch

I've just added many entries to flesh out and update my Book Of Shadows category. Contemplating these entries (which I've abstracted from my other blogs), it becomes amazingly clear that the expression - a witch is born, not made - is strikingly true. The path I am on is the path I have always been on. My way has not changed. Only my understanding of it has changed. Importantly, my path was written before birth. This is clear when one considers the soul-work described in my Book Of Shadows.

Truly, a witch is born, not made.

Ly De Angeles (Witchcraft, Practice & Theory) writes regarding "being a witch":

It's in the blood, no matter how many generations it may not have been acknowledged (and self-preservation may very well have been why 7 or 10 or 15 or more generations ago your ancestor shut up about it and did not pass the knowledge down the line). Like a dormant seed, it waits until the season is fertile for it to germinate.

Of course, R' Avraham Abulafia has written that "every soul is a witch" [R' Aryeh Kaplan, Meditation And Kabbalah, p. 103]. Consequently, the work is to liberate one's inner witch.

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