Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shield Of Chayyah

הגן על חייה

Read about the pentagram, the golden ratio and infinity here and here.

Read about the hexagram and unique complex patterning here, here, here and here.

Read about the golden spiral, the golden ratio, the golden rectangle, the golden string and fibonacci fractals here and here.

Moving from the pentagram to the hexagram to the golden spiral, we see an emerging pattern whereby simplicity (unity of infinity) develops increasing levels of integrated complexity and purposeful wholeness. The pentagram is distinguished by its association with infinity and "yesh me'ayin" (something from nothing). The hexagram is distinguished by uniqueness. The "golden spiral" is distinguished by wholeness and is a form generated by Fibonacci numbers, as is the golden string (the Fibonacci Rabbit Sequence). In physics, string theory hypothesizes the unification of all known forces in nature into one unified field. Thus, the spiral in my shield kabbalistically symbolizes "the ultimate revelation of the Divine 'unified field' (unity in plurality)," through which the Divine purpose of existence is fulfilled. Reishit. ראשית

Star framework from Lilitu.

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