Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tu B'Shevat - Fruit From The Land

ו' שבט ה'תשס"ז

The very next day following Imbolg, celebrating She Who Heals, on February 3 this year, is the Jewish celebration of Tu B'Shevat, celebrating the New Year for Trees. It is customary on Tu B'Shevat to eat "native fruits" of The Land. Called Eretz Yisrael in Torah, "the land" here refers to the Land of the Divine Feminine.

It is quite appropriate then to connect these two sacred days - Imbolg and Tu B'Shevat. First, during Imbolg, She heals the land. Then, during Tu B'Shevat, He eats of Her fruits.

The time will come when the feminine will have greater access to transcendental consciousness than the masculine; and in that time, she will bestow and man will receive from her. R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi, Tefilat LaKhal HaShana

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