Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mashiach's Brew

In my previous entry I "engraved YaH", the letters of the tetragrammton pertaining the the higher unification of The Name and brought down how this higher unification was naturally evident in the Venus Transit. In follow-up to this idea, we note that the 11th of Shevat reveals the secret to the lower unification of VH (the secret of messianic consciousness) [1]. To raise up the lower unification into revelation, I've created a recipe for the following brew:

2 parts frankincense (olibanum) לבונה
1 part myrrh המור הטוב
1 part dragon's blood דם-תנין (spell in Hebrew?)
1 drop olive oil שמן-זית
1 drop vanilla וניל
1 drop red wine אודם יין

With the onset of the full moon which began this morning, through this month until rosh chodesh Shevat, I will be burning black candles rolled in the above brew I'll name Mashiach's Blend. What is the symbolism here?

First, frankincense in Hebrew (לבונה) clearly corresponds to the sefirah Binah בינה, the feminine Left Emanation, and also to the sefirah Malchut through the ASMaB expansion ben בן. Both correspondences are connected via the 2-letter root (sha'ar) BN, and its shorashim, BVN and BNH. Within these roots is the feminine power to perceive, build and bring down understanding to the level of action. Frankincense resin is white.

Second, regarding myrrh, through the Hebrew words המור הטוב comprising this botanical exists the power to transform and raise up the bitterness into The Good - in other words, into the ultimate good which is redemptive revelation of Torah. Myrhh resin is reddish-brown, like soil of the earth.

Dragon's Blood has been discussed previously, notably here and here. This botanical puts the power of rectified feminine expressive energy (mashpia) into the cauldron.

Olive oil anoints and infuses the ritual with the power of transcendent miraculous transformation. Vanilla represents a feminine organ of reception. And wine reveals the secret.

Initiated with the full moon, this small ritual is empowered to work toward complete accomplishment. As the moon wanes, bitterness is transformed and raised. With the dark moon comes the month of Shevat, an empty vessel, a pail. A watercarrier.

The Ba'al Shem Tov said that when one meets a water-carrier carrying pitchers full of water, it is a sign of blessing. On Shevat


[1] Studies In Ecstatic Kabbalah, Moshe Idel

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