Friday, January 19, 2007

Empowering Consciousness Of The Divine

Djeichiro asked me on one of my blogs to expound on my previous entry, Traditional Blessings & Energy Transfer. So, here is a bit of expansion:

When we "bless Hashem" we are generating kavanah to incorporate the energy we derive from the food we eat (or power from some other act or observation) toward achieving God/Goddess-consciousness. There really is no distinction between the person saying the blessing and the "godly" aspect of his or her own essence.

Also, Hashem is not "a name" of the Divine, it is shorthand for experiential essential God/Goddess consciousness. Traditionally, people say "Adonai" in place of the tetragrammaton (as implied within a traditional blessing), but this too is not the Shem HaMeforash and is merely a code of consciousness, signifying the Shechinah and/or Malchut of Atzilut.

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