Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reversing Curses, Candle Preparation

ב' שבט ה'תשס"ז

Given the dramatic change in nature of my circumstances since my return to Torah over a decade ago and this vision last week of diverting a metaphysical attack, I've decided to create a ritual to reverse curses and to return them back to sender, whomever that may be. While my circle indeed protects me now from being psycho-spiritually struck, the new ritual is more than protection, it is an active defense. I have resisted doing this for years, but clearly, my enemies have chosen to persist. I am left with no alternative. To follow in the next two posts are the candle preparation and the ritual itself which others may individualize and incorporate into their own protection rituals.

Prepare Reversal Candle On Night Of Dark Moon

  1. Use 10 inch black Bella Candella candle with white musk scent.

  2. Butt candle [1]. Cut off the original top flat end (approximately 1/8 inch of wax).

  3. Carve a second flat tip on the bottom end. Save cut wax in sealable container.

  4. From original top, inscribe down (in 2 lines) Tehillim 37:1-2 (aleph-א) in Ivrit (Hebrew) preferrably [2] using block script. The word MHRH (מהרה) ends the first line. Do not “shake off” any wax clinging to the candle as you inscribe.

  5. From the new created top, inscribe down (in 2 lines) Tehillim 37:39-40 (tav-ת) in Ivrit using block script with the following changes if you are female: tzadikim (צדיקים) to tzedeket (צדייקת) with 2 letters yod, YHVH (יהוה) to YHYH (יהיה). YHYH ends the first line. [3]

  6. On the top of the original end, inscribe a 3-headed shin (flames pointing away from the wick, with central point proximal to the wick).

  7. On the new created end, inscribe a 4-headed shin (flames pointing away from the wick, with central point proximal to the wick).

  8. Dress the candle. Using each finger beginning with the left hand thumb, anoint the entire surface of the candle by rubbing pure virgin olive oil from old top to new top stroking away from yourself, saying – Baruch dayyan ha’emet (ברוך דיין האמת). Repeat using the right hand.

  9. Sprinkle oiled candle with trace ashes of incense used for Shabbat.

  10. Cover surface of oiled candle with “absorb negativity” incense blend.

  11. Pass entire surface of candle through smoke of a lit smudge stick (containing sage).

  12. Take hold of candle by wicks at both end, the original end with your right hand and the new created end with your left hand, and hold it horizontally opposite your heart.

  13. Recite the following: I hereby dedicate, consecrate, charge and empower you to fulfill that for which you were created.

  14. Recite the following: Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le-olam va’ed. Amen. (ברוך שם כבוד מלכותה לעולם ועד, אמן) So mote it be.

  15. Kiss the candle.

  16. Wrap in clear saran wrap and silver foil. Store within altar chest until the next full moon.

  17. Perform reversal and protection ritual on next full moon esbat.


[1] using boline or small ritual inscribing knife dedicated to the purpose of preparing and inscribing ritual candles

[2] may substitute English or other magickal language if unfamiliar with Hebrew

[3] the taper candle itself represents the conversive vav of the tetragrammaton

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