Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reversal & Protection Ritual

ב' שבט ה'תשס"ז

Reversal & Protection Full Moon Esbat Ritual

  1. Take bath or shower. Put on Jewitch pentacle with blessing.

  2. Perform ritual bath with blessings.

  3. Set up altar.

  4. Carefully unwrap prepared reversal candle and place original top into holder.

  5. In the center of the altar, on a round mirrored surface (upon which a pentacle has been made with thin strips of black tape or inscribed with an inscribing tool) place a slip of paper upon which has been written: May the curses cast upon me by my enemies return midah kneged midah, measure for measure, back to those who have cast them.

  6. Place the reversal candle on top of the piece of paper.

  7. Call quarters [1] (athame-N, light black quarter candles; light charcoal for incense-E; water-S; wood-W) and cast circle [1].

  8. Perform incense offering ritual.

  9. Inscribe marks to distinguish 13 portions of the candle.

  10. Light prepared ritual reversal candle.

  11. Recite entire 91st Psalm [2].

  12. Recite blessing – Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le-olam va’ed. Amen. (ברוך שם כבוד מלכותה לעולם ועד, אמן) So mote it be.

  13. Let candle burn out over 13 days, 1 portion per day [3].

  14. Save any wax remnants and scatter in a wooded area.

Repeat ritual for 3 consecutive months, each time with the reversal candle prepared on the dark moon and the ritual performed on the full moon surrounding midnight.


[1] calling quarters and circlecasting procedure (basic, may be adapted)

[2] In Hoodoo, the 37th Psalm is recited. Given my intimate connection to Psalm 91, I will recite this Psalm instead.

[3] use candle snuffer or pinch between fingers to extinguish, do not blow out candle

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