Monday, January 22, 2007

Into Mitzrayim, Breaking The Curse

ג' שבט ה'תשס"ז

In my previous posts regarding preparing a reversal candle and performing the reversal and protection ritual, I didn't mention the trial run I performed of this rite saturday evening. I didn't mention it because when I was placing the prepared reversal candle into the holder, the candle broke cleanly in half a few inches up from the base (the original top). The place for the candle in the candle holder was too narrow for the candle to fit into easily.

It was at this point I decided that saturday's rite would be The Trial, and that the ritual proper would be performed over 3 consecutive dark (preparation) and full (implementation) moons. It became clear to me, with the sudden snap of the wax, that I was working with powerful forces. What I was doing was no game. Any lingering doubt suggesting that magick is all foolishness vanished.

Yet, I was not perturbed against seeing the ritualwork through to completion. The unanticipated breaking event did, however, heighten my awareness and infuse greater seriousness into what I was doing. My kavanah is fully alert and engaged toward completing what I have started.

I decided to wait before publically writing of it. To protect its purpose. Now, I feel it is safe to add this account of what transpired during the trial ritual to my public blog BOS/grimoires.

I splinted the wick, which was still intact, and the wax, which still fit together nicely, with silver masking tape. Then I more gently worked the candle into the holder that I had already begun to use, deciding that I would use a larger candle holder for the final 3-part ritual over 3 full moons following the next dark moon. But, for some reason, using this particular narrow candle holder at this particular time was important. Perhaps it is because the holder is a "narrow space" the reversal candle must enter, like mitzrayim - and we are in Shemot [1], the book of the Exodus, in the Torah cycle.

After splinting the candle and saying some unique blessings, I lit the candle. It burned cleanly and evenly. I allowed the candle to burn down to the edge of the tape. At that point, I snuffed it out, allowing it to cool. Sunday evening after working in the nursing home, I removed a portion of the tape down to right above the break, lit it, and allowed the flame to burn past the edge of the tape into the break, where I again snuffed it out and allowed it to cool.

This afternoon, I removed the final portion of tape and lit the candle. It's burning it's last inch or so right beside me on the desktop where my computer is located as I type this entry. The flame is straight and moves little. It's not deviating to any side, dipping or guttering at all. The flame does reshape the outer edges of its form, but that's about it. It's a quiet peaceful flame. Good. This is good.

The curse was completely broken in the supernal realms before I even lit the candle. The rituals I have and will complete will bring it completely down.


[1] Last saturday evening, and the Torah portion for this week is Bo (Shemot 10:1-13:16), which includes light amidst the the plague of darkness and redemption of the firstborn.

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