Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Use Herbs Responsibly!

As it may be not be a given for all people, I want to make it clear that I advocate responsible use of herbs and herbal preparations.

PLEASE, particularly if you are taking medications or are being treated for medical conditions, consult your physician or alternative medical practitioner regarding the use of herbs and herbal preparations. Some herbs can be dangerous or dangerous in certain medical conditions. Some herbs may negatively interact with prescription medications. Some herbs may cause allergic reactions of varying degrees. Some herbs require special handling to be safely used in rituals.

Here is a link to HerbMed. I am creating a new blogroll for herbal and alternative remedies - the link to HerbMed will be permanently located there.

HerbMed® - an interactive, electronic herbal database - provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. It is an impartial, evidence-based information resource provided by the nonprofit Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc. This public site provides free access to 40 herbs.

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