Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Magickal Ink - In Velt Ouis Velt

I've chosen to use natural vegetable parchment paper, quill pen and magickal ink to write the petition spell portion of the upcoming reversal ritual.


small vial of black ink
1 pinch name incense, undissolved
1 drop name incense infusion, steeped and dissolved in alcohol*
1 drop dragon's breath oil
1 drop sandalwood oil

While most ink recipes call for the resins to be steeped and dissolved in alcohol, I'm choosing to also add a small undissolved chunk into the ink as well. The dissolved portion will blend into the ink, while the undissolved portion will form a "foundation" within the ink. It will also be symbolic of being both in (immanent) and out (transcendent) of the world simultaneously - in velt ouis velt.

*70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol used in actual preparation of infusion.

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