Monday, February 19, 2007

Recordkeeping & Spell Data Template

Arin Murphy-Hiscock (Power Spellcraft For Life) writes:

Spellcrafting is very similar to working in a lab; you have to keep track of everything you use, how you use it and in what proportions, how you combine it, and the results, in order to be able to replicate the experiment at a later date. Record keeping is crucial: it allows you to go back and do a postmortem of sorts on your spell to understand why it succeeded, or why it didn't. If you haphazardly toss stuff together, and something goes dreadfully wrong, then you won't be able to refer back to the spell in order to undo it.

Records allow you to analyze the data in order to ascertain times of personal power for you, to change small things in order to understand how each component influences the outcomes, to use a proven successful spell again, and to rewrite a faulty spell, among other things. Records also document a very personal journey through the world of enchantment and transformation.

The collection of notes and records will become a valuable reference as you evolve as a spellcaster.

Modified Basic Spell Template

Crafting A Spell

identify goal or desire
examine the context
evaluate the repercussions
refine the specifics of need or desire
decide on a time
decide on a method
choose correspondences & components
create central symbolic action
write text of the spell
write list of required materials

Casting The Spell

set up
dedicate the space
state your purpose
raise & release the energy
release the dedicated space
record the experience
reinforce the spell with action

Recording Spell Notes

name of the spell
date and time performed
halachic time
planetary hour
moon phase
calculations (if any) & other astrological data
how long it took to cast the spell
your state of health/mood
purpose of the spell
invocations utilized (if any)
tools & ingredients required
full text of spell or ritual
your immediate reaction/observations
short term results
long term results

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