Friday, February 02, 2007

Beith, Lady Of The Woods

ט"ו בשבט תשס"ז
Tu B'Shevat - New Year For Trees

The first letter of the ogham is beith, represented by the lady of the woods (עצם), the birch tree (the tree corresponding to my personality type).

Beith astrologically corresponds to the archetypes of Yaakov, Beli Mawr, Torah leatid lavo, the hebrew letter dalet and dirah, and the elements of fire/air (like my chotimah).

Beith's proto-Indo-European root means "resin, gum", like that used to make incense blends [1]. Celtic myth teaches us that "in birch was the Ogham first written." [2]

Phonetically, beith corresponds to the "b" sound like the Hebrew letter beit ב. Hebrew beit, like beith of the Ogham in which all was first written, is the first letter in the first word (Bereshit בראשית) of Torah and that with which all was created.


[1] for example, my kabbalistic name incense

[2] Calder, George (1917 (reprint 1995)). Auraicept na n-Éces: The Scholars' Primer. Edinburgh (reprint Dublin): John Grant (reprint Four Courts Press), pp.273-4.

Unity In Dirah Betachtonim

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