Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moon Dynamics & Ritualwork

כ" בשבט תשס"ז

For a kabbalistic witch, there is nothing evil in either a dark moon or in the waning cycles of the moon, as some witches might believe. The waning/dark moons are times when the power of restriction (gevurah) grows and peaks. Consequently, these are good times to do ritualwork pertaining to forming and molding the raw power one has "acquired" or stored up (in a witch's cord, for example) for use during the waxing/full moontimes, when projective/expansive (chesed) power grows and peaks. In other words, I primarily store up raw power on the full moon, form this raw power on the dark moon, and discharge the formed power on the next full moon. Of course, ritualwork and need varies, but generally, this is my working guideline. The moon is not the sole consideration in determining the timing of ritualwork.

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