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Kabbalistic Name Incense

ט"ו בשבט תשס"ז

Here is an example of creating a kabbalistic incense blend corresponding to one's name in Hebrew. The following is a recipe for my names Liorah Chanah (לֵיאורהּ חנה ) and Lleucu (ללאכי), revised from a previous recipe as described here.

The new recipe is as follows:

5 parts chelbenah (galbanum) - 3 lameds, 2 alephs
2 parts daffodil (shin kokonoe) - 2 yods
2 parts dragon's blood - 2 heys
1 part storax (benzoin) - 1 vav
1 part saffron (כרכם karkom) - 1 kaf
1/2 part onycha (שחלת shechelet) - 1 chet
1/2 part labdanum (שחלת shechelet) - 1 chet
1/2 part olibanum (frankincense) - 1 resh
1/2 part cinnamon - 1 resh
1 part opononax (sweet myrrh) - 1 nun
9 drops olive oil
8 drops red wine
7 raisins
6 drop of honey or juice from a date
5 drops essential vanilla oil
1 drop Night Queen oil

The night of the Dark Moon, following preparation of the raisins as described in the procedure post, the onycha and labdanum will next be ground and mixed together into the 9 drops of olive oil, then set aside in a cauldron mortar.

To the midnight mortar, add and grind all 5 parts of the chelbenah (32 paths of wisdom, לללאא).


Add 1 part shin kokonoe, grind together.
Add 1 part dragon's blood, grind together.
Add 1 part shin kokonoe, grind together.
Add 1 part dragon's blood, grind together.


Add saffron, grind together.
Add benzoin (storax), grind together.
Add olibanum and cinnamon, grind together.


Add opoponax to the onycha-labdanum-olive oil mixture previously set aside, grind together.

Add this mixture to the mixture in the mortar.

Add drops of red wine (used to soak raisins), mix. Add raisins, mix and grind. Add dates, mix and grind. Add drops of essential vanilla oil, mix. Add drop of Night Queen oil, mix.

Dry overnight and store in sealed vessel.

Basic Kabbalistic Incense Correspondences

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