Thursday, February 15, 2007

Storm Raising & Weather Working

כ"ח בשבט תשס"ז

Given the huge midwest blizzard earlier this week (resulting in at least 12 fatalities by the time it moved through the northeast) and the weird hail which fell in Jerusalem this morning, I thought I'd write about the weather, specifically about weather working.

Paul Huson (Mastering Witchcraft) writes regarding storm raising and weather working:

Far back into recorded history, powerful practitioners of the occult have generally been credited with powers of weather working. From Kublai Khan's eastern shamans, to the Druids of the British Isles, they have all possessed one skill in common, the mysterious power of controlling wind, rain, mist and thunderbolt.

Apart from the direct application of witch power, whether inherited as an inborn trait or learned in a coven, the actual methods of accomplishing the feat of weather working are about as varied an assortment as you are ever likely to encounter. To one familiar with the weather working practices over the centuries, at least nine different processes of rain making, for instance, will come to mind.

(Most of the rain-making processes are) categorized as sympathetic magical gestures, processes designed to effect their aim by reason of the magical axiom that if you perform an action symbolically, that which it represents may in fact occur, due to the oneness of the universe, the interaction of the microcosm with the macrocosm. This, of course, is the basic working thesis of witchcraft.

One thing that differentiates a child's game of make-believe from a genuine witch's magical operation, is that vital occult factor of the deep mind's part in the work. Unless that underlying stratum of psychical coexistence here designated as the deep mind is penetrated, the "magic" remains totally within the personal sphere of the operator, at best remaining an exercise of surface autosuggestion; at worst, a fantasy game to be taken to in refuge from a hostile outside world. Only when the "deeps" are contacted, only at that point does any real witchcraft take place.

This principle applies as much to the process of weather working as to any other magical field.

Mr. Huson goes on to discuss weather working and storm raising in the book. I've never attempted to do any weather working or anything similar, but I find it interesting that such a storm occurred here in the midwest this week. We haven't had a significant snow all winter, but the week I plan to initiate my reversal magick, something like this happens - as if the "powers that be" think they can stop me. But, I'm already set to go. I have all my supplies for the entire sequence of rituals and need nothing more to carry it out than to be alive.

Snow or no snow, the ritual is good to go.

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