Friday, February 23, 2007

Lost Curses & The Wizard's Minion

Paul Huson (Mastering Witchcraft) writes regarding the fate of lost curses and those who cast them:

In matters of occult warfare, passive defense is the most effective type of retaliation.

When a wizard or witch mounts a magical attack, if it happens to misfire or if the victim is in any way adequately protected, as they say in the craft - "an the witch (or wizard) bide the issue!" - the home of lost curses is right back where they came from, the sender his or herself. So, if you can arrange to be ritually well-defended at the time that the dark spell is being cast, the spellbinders will, in fact, be conjuring to their own destruction. Advanced practitioners try to avoid the recoil by enveigling other, less-advanced members of their coven only too glad to try their hand at a bit of cursing (or magic), to do the actual dirty work for them: a well-known expedient in all fields! Regardless of any feelings of compassion for who actually "bides the issue," however, you should proceed with all your means of defense as surely as you would board up your house if it stood in the path of a hurricane.

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