Tuesday, February 20, 2007

13 Daily Halachic Times

ב' באדר תשס"ז

While I won't be exploring in this particular post any specific associated meanings or significances, here is a list of halachic times which can be analyzed and utilized for timing and powering spells:

alot hashachar (dawn)
earliest tallit & tefillin
netz hachamah (sunrise)

latest shema
zman tefillah
chatzot (midday)

minchah gedolah (earliest minchah)
minchah ketanah
plag haminchah

shekiah (sunset)
tzeit hakochavim (nightfall)
chatzot (midnight)
sha'ah zemanit (proportional hour)

Note: There are 13 "named" divisions (inclusive of the proportional hour) of daily times associated with each 24 hour period. The 13 halachic times include the traditional 4 daily solar energies that may be used to power spells - sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight. In addition to the 4 traditional solar energies of witchcraft, halachic times list 9 more "propitious times" for active spellwork.

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