Saturday, December 16, 2006

Spellcrafting Change

What is a spell?

"Simply put, a spell is something you do with intent and awareness to create change. It consists of a set of symbolic actions performed in the physical world to initiate change on a higher level. A spell seeks to redress the balance of a situation by introducing new energy or redistributing the energy already present.

A spell is not a religious act. Spellcasting is a method of using energy to power some sort of change. Many religions use spells or a form of energy transfer or energy management as part of worship. However, spells aren't unique to any one religion. They are often described as a form of prayer, but there are subtle differences between prayer and spellcraft. First of all, prayer to a higher power implies that you honor that higher power, and that an established relationship exists between you, which enables you to call on that higher power for aid. It also implies that the higher power possesses the wherewithall to fix the situation. On the other hand, spells use the abundance of energy around us in the world to catalyze change. It's a more active process than prayer. In a spell, you are the agent of change: you call upon your own resources to gather and direct the energy instead of employing a separate agent such as a higher power to accomplish the task. Don't misunderstand the phrase "more active process" - heartfelt prayer raises alot of energy on the part of the practitioner. In fact, partnering a spell with some form of prayer is a very popular practice in several cultures. What it comes down to, though, is that prayer is a religious act, whereas spellcraft is secular."

The Benefits Of Spellcasting

"By crafting and casting spells, you learn the ins and outs of the flow of energy through your life.

Spellcraft teaches you about how energy moves, how you can handle it, and how to direct it into various areas of your life. Once you understand how energy behaves, you can fine-tune your use of it, and experiment tapping into it via different methods.

Spellcraft is a deeply transformative process, which touches the spellcaster as well as the goal and the environment containing them both.

A spell creates the added benefit of knowing exactly what you want. Part of the spellcrafting process involves determining a precise goal. It benefits the rest of your life; being able to sift through the superficial desires clarifies your areas of strength and areas for you to work on."

Excerpt from Power Spellcraft For Life by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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