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Day 6 - Friday Correspondences

Friday - Day 6
Please note, these correspondences have been adapted from several sources and may differ from traditional astrological correspondences. All designations follow the planet for the day according to Sefer Yetzirah.

Symbolic Language & Mathematics

Celtic ogham letter -
Hebrew letter - ר
number - 200
permutation - רתבג דכפ
vowel - shurek
"42"-letter name - יגל פזק

Astrological & Metaphysical

space/planet - Saturn
Hebrew name - Shabsai שבתאי
Sumerian name - Ninurta
Egyptian name - Nepthys
Babylonian name - Ninib
orbit cycle - --
retrograde periods - --
satellites - --
degrees moved on average day - --
channel - tiferet to yesod
sefirah - binah/da'at, malchut/yesod
mazal/rulership - capricorn (g'di, גדי)
firmament - Aravot
earth - Chalad


Hebrew archetype - Yosef
Celtic archetype - Arawn
Germanic archetype - Santur
Greek archetype - Kronos
Roman archetype - Saturnus
seal/archangel - Kaptziel, Tzaphkiel
malachim - Shimshushiel, Raphael, Kidushiel
mythic animal - basilisk


concept - clarification & rectification of the "yesh" of creation
soul - left nostril
gift - serenity, peace
direction - west
color - black and midnight blue
basic energy - restriction, authority, crossroads
basic mystical energy - banishing, rewards
element - earth/water
metal - lead
trees - alder/cypress (fearn/ -)
incense - civet, myrrh, cinnamon, rue, mullein, yew berries, patchouli, cypress leaves
oil - patchouli oil
gemstones - obsidian, onyx, black pearl
mundane animal - crow, raven, crocodile


aconite, yew, cannabis, hemlock, thyme, deadly ightshade, jimson weed, cypress


poverty, destruction, internal injury, sickness

Energy Keywords

authority, caution, defensive, diplomatic, fearful, humility, justice, law, old, patience, pessimism, respect, responsible, restrain, rigid, serious, severe, sincere, stern, thrifty, time


harvest, long life, protection, stability, safety

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