Monday, December 11, 2006

Da'at Torah, Cauldron Of Connection

Exploring my new tarot deck, it became immediately clear that at least four mythic archetypes have already made obvious appearances in my recent experience, both here (where the World-Universe card became my querent/significator) and in various dreams over the past several months.

Rhiannon (Tzipporah), Aranrhod and Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) have all appeared in dream journeys. Consequently, these three goddess archetypes are my guardian angels of sorts, forming a triple spiral cauldron “goddess energy” uniting together for some purpose. Aranrhod is the maiden aspect of the moon (yesod), Rhiannon is the mother aspect, and Asibikaashi is the crone aspect. Importantly, these Sacred Feminine archetypes have come together yesodically in my psycho-spiritual environment with purpose and have chosen me as part of that purpose.

Aranrhod is represented in Welsh tarot by the Wheel of Fortune card and the letter kaf כ.

Rhiannon is represented in Welsh tarot by the Empress card and the letter dalet ד.

Asibikaashi is represented in Native American tarot by the Devil card and the letter ayin ע.

The querent card, representing me the seeker, is the World-Universe card and the letter tav ת.

What do these letters taken together spell? An encircling crown (keter) of da’at כ-דעת. In other words, keter and da'at exist in simultaneous expression in this "tarot spread" brought forth into reality from my superconsciousness soul (as evidenced by the fact that the dreams and the tarot-blogquiz occurred prior to my acquisition the tarot cards). According to the kabbalah of the Ari, keter and da'at exist simultaneously in the universe of tohu.

Represented by 3 goddess archetypes, each feminine energy in turn, represents one of the three meanings of the word keter: “wait” (Aranrhod), “crown” (Rhiannon) and “encircle” (Asibikaashi). The querent binds them all together with the myth of Cadair Idris, ascends the mountain, and descends with the Torah of the Shechinah, the Holy Light of Tohu.

And Moshe entered into the cloud and ascended to the mountain ... Shemot 24:18

We can see the triple spiral cauldron nature of the feminine "moon" archetypes clearly evident in kabbalah. On the mysteries of Jewish femininity, R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh writes:

Every lunar month, the moon goes through a cycle of phases—from completely disappearing to full moon and back again. The zero-point, the point at which the moon disappears, is actually the eve of the new Jewish month (erev rosh chodesh). It is on this day that a woman can reach her inner sense of nothingness, or nullification, in the spiraling cycle that goes from somethingness to nothingness to somethingness, and so on. When we merit the revelation of the Mashiach, there will no longer be a diminishment of the moon, and the feminine (the “woman of valor”) will become her husband’s crown (eshet chayil ateret ba’ala); that is, the female will rise above the male and super-consciously provide guidance and nourishment.

The querent binds them all together (ateret hayesod, the source of malchut) into a crowning cauldron of connection, and brings it down.

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