Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oak Of Asherah

The goddess archetype Asherah is associated with the oak tree. Rivkah's nurse Devorah was buried under an oak tree. Biblically, the word typically used for oak is Elah אלה. The common hebrew word for oak is alon אלון.

Some of the meanings of the shoresh (3-letter root) אלה include: master, combine elements for control, G-d who combines all natural force, several items combined into one, etc. In other words, the root implies a gathering place for some sort of psychosynthesis and unification of the goddess archetypes into one.

Moreover, the gematria of the physical oak tree אלון in reality is 87. This value is the gematria of Elohim אלהים plus 1 (im hakolel).

Consequently, one could posit that the "oak tree" symbolizes the "place"where "complete unity of multiplicity" may be actualized in nature.This "feminine" actualization would be a powerful transcendental yet simultaneously immanent "feminine force" to be reckoned with, a unified field even - a unification of all physical forces of nature - on par with Havayah.

If one were to "cut off" אלה before its symbolic completion into אלון, one could hope to likewise prevent the potentially powerful feminine force from achieving her completion. Biblically, those who feared the Divine Feminine were attempting to do exactly this by cutting down all the "asherah trees". They wanted to keep the Divine Feminine in powerless disunity.

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