Saturday, December 09, 2006

Circle Dance

Jewitch Celtic Awen. Awen is a feminine noun and Celtic-Druid symbol. To HaMasovevet, it represents unified expression of the 3 expressive aspects of the Hebrew letter Hei in perfect commitment (אבת) to truth (אמת). These 3 aspects of unified expression are interwoven throughout the 3 expressive aspects of the soul's divine service as bard (psalmist), ovate (prophet) and druid (lawgiver, one's soulspark of Moshe). Blue symbolizes the Shechinah. White symbolizes focused clarity and renewal. The segol trope (3 dots) brings redemptive consciousness into actualized being.

The Holy One makes a circle dance ... Yeshayahu 25:9

In the messianic era, man will receive his light and bounty from the infinite source of consciousness via the agency of woman. R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi, Tefilat LeKhal HaShana

Awen form from The British Druid Order.

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