Monday, December 18, 2006

Eclectic, Self-Initiated, Solitary

Ormus/Shabbathai inquires via email:

I am interested to know those [if] some of us here practice a very rare form of Jewish Witchcraft known as Kishuf (Kishuph or Keshuf) and Nephashuth (or Nephashot)? I am initiated in this tradition and look to find someone who is also part of this way.

I have no idea about this tradition. To clarify my own path - I am an eclectic self-initiated solitary Jewitch whose practice combines elements of Jewish kabbalah (primarily), Celtic witchcraft and Native American shamanism. These traditions are the ancient roots of my known natural ancestries. My primary religious path is Judaism and Jewish kabbalah, however, I am the product and a tapestry of all my ancestors. I am made of all these peoples and I have no intent on cutting any of them off. In refusing to do so, I am honoring, not only my ancestors, but the mitzvah (Shemot 20:12) to honor one's parents (which means ancestors) as well. This mitzvah is one of the aseret hadibrot and I don't take it lightly.

I have no "coven" or "circle" that I belong to and I have no mentor. I do my own thing my way as my soulpath leads me. I have an INTJ personality, and those who know anything about personality types, will understand that I'm not really "into" following the crowd regarding much of anything - that includes spiritual matters.

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