Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Druid Measures

I dreamt of a Celtic community during the dark ages. They were Druids. There were a few Jews also "resident" in the community. I was there as a hybrid, simultaneously from the future and from the time in which the dream took place, of both the Druid community and of the few Jews who lived among them.

It was an extremely brutal time, the dark ages. Especially for children. Many never survived childhood for various reasons. Laws were harsh and strictly enforced. Children were often killed for various violations.

Without the harsh laws, the community would succumb to the brutality which existed outside the protected village. This was the thinking among the majority of community elders.

Nevertheless, the brutal pogroms came against the Druids. I saw the children's faces, around their eyes painted black. I saw how "the other" saw the children of the Druids - as darkly oppressed. Oddly, the dark cloud which permeated the age did lift following the pogroms. I wondered why.

Two Druid priestesses came forward from that ancient time into my dream. They were older women, in Druid cloaks. The elders had misused the power, and the laws had become corrupted. But these two knew the Old Ways of uncorrupted teaching, and even though I was not "only" Celtic and had "other blood" in me as well (i.e., Jewish and all my other current ancestries), I was worthy to receive the teaching. Perhaps, my "mixture" will in some manner serve to prevent the "corruption" which typically comes when a "purebred" achieves a high level. Something about being of one bloodline is not good at a certain point in mystical work. Together, even though each Druid priestess had at the same time "found me" independently of the other, they are both going to teach me, so that the Old Ways will live on. I am now an apprentice Druid priestess made of many bloodlines.
I woke up.

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