Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sefer Tzelem

This Jewitch's Book Of Shadows (Sefer Tzelem) will be like a research laboratory record, documenting the experimental data and research methods of my craftwork. In this manner, it will be a quasi-scientific record exploring "magickal" consciousness.

Each craftwork experiment will scientifically document:

the observation of a reality and known variables influencing it
a working hypothesis about that reality
predictions from the hypothesis
an objective for change
stated intent
experimental design (tools, procedure, spell, etc)
data and results over time
analysis and conclusion
recommedations for improvements or alterations

Of course, the methods themselves will evolve as well. In the beginning, most "experiments" will be of an "exploratory" nature. General notes for reference and observations will also be recorded.

My education and experience with clinical and scientific research documentation should come in handy here.

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