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Day 7 - Saturday Correspondences

Saturday - Day 7
Please note, these correspondences have been adapted from several sources and may differ from traditional astrological correspondences. All designations follow the planet for the day according to Sefer Yetzirah.

Symbolic Language & Mathematics

Celtic ogham letter -
Hebrew letter - ת
number - 400
permutation - תבג דכפר
vowel - tzerey
"42"-letter name - שקו צית

Astrological & Metaphysical

space/planet - Jupiter
Hebrew name - Tzedek צדק
Sumerian name - Enlil
Egyptian name - Isis
Babylonian name - Marduk
orbit cycle - --
retrograde periods - once per year for 120 days
satellites - --
degrees moved on average day - --
channel - yesod to malchut
sefirah - malchut, chesed
mazal/rulership - sagittarius (keshet, קשת)
firmament - Vilon
earth - Eretz


Hebrew archetype - David
Celtic archetype - Taranis
Germanic archetype - Thor/Donner
Greek archetype - Zeus
Roman archetype - Jupiter/Jove
seal/archangel - Tzidkiel, Tzadkiel
malachim - Tzuriel, Raziel, Yofiel
mythic animal - gryphon


concept - reshimu, the impression of emunah upon superconsciousness experience
soul - mouth
gift - grace, personality improvement
direction - center
color - blue and purple
basic energy - expansion
basic mystical energy - money
element - air/fire
metal - tin
trees - oak (duir)
incense - nutmeg, cedarwood oil, frankincense, juniper berry, hyssop, st. john's wort
oil - nutmeg oil
gemstones - amethyst, sapphire
mundane animal - peacock, bull, eagle


mint, cedar, balm, olive, oak, clover, st. john's wort, anise, solomon's seal


life, peace, good, prosperity, religious feelings, joy, wealth, political advance

Energy Keywords

aspiration, benevolent, charitable, confident, dignity, expansion, extravagant, faithful, generous, growth, gullible, humorous, indulgence, human, kindness, merciful, optimistic, orthodox, philanthropic, poise, pompous, radiance, religious, reverent, understanding


honor, wealth, health, peace, fame, power

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