Friday, December 01, 2006

Secret Of The Split Shin

As explained in a previous entry, Circle Name Of Shabbat Consciousness, the Welsh/Celtic name Lleucu is my Jewitch ritual name. Lleucu, meaning light and daybreak, carries both receptive and imparting mystical functions. It's both a mekubal and a mashpia. It's a circle of receiving and giving. For these and other reasons, Lleucu is an appropriate name for HaMasovevet, one whose "sacred encircling" turns the events of history.

Both my Jewish and Celtic roots came to the USA from Wales/England. Consequently, it honors my ancestors to add a Celtic name to my Hebrew name. Lleucu is the Welsh version of both my English name (Lori) and my Hebrew name (Liorah). These names each describe the same essence in unique ways.

These are my true names. They are neither something I've deceptively pulled out of a hat nor the result of distorted thinking. Each one is intimately woven into the very fabric of my life experience.

An interesting tidbit (hat-tip to Steg, commenting @ Balashon on Samech) surrounding Lleucu which demonstrates the true interweaving of my names with my life experience - both the Hebrew letter sin שׂ (of siyach, like in the epiphany) and the Welsh consonantal sound Ll (of Lleucu) are derived from some unknown common voiceless alveolar lateral fricative. Consequently, one could suggest that as שׂ (of siyach) characterizes "hesech hada'at" of the epiphany, Ll + שׂ might characterize "b'hesech hada'at" (Sanhedrin 97a) of messianic consciousness and the 4-headed shin of the luchot. Just a cute play on doubled/split/two-ב letters?

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