Thursday, October 20, 2011

TRUE BLOOD Sacred Witchblood Soy Pillar Candle w/ Gold Seal Dragon's Blood

כ״ג בתשרי תשע"ב
Blodlessing 25

The concept of Witch Blood is very important to Traditions of Witchcraft that accept the idea of a Divine bloodline passed down through the generations as told in many of the myths of humanity. For example, the Sumarian myth tells the story of the Annunaki (meaning "of Royal Blood"), the Akkadian deities who introduced the Divine bloodline into humanity through Adam and Lilith. In this cultural myth, it is the children of Lilith who carry Witch Blood.

For those Traditions of Witchcraft that do not accept such myths (as they are found in some form among many cultures), the concept of Awakening holds true, teaching that we all have Witch Blood within us, it just needs to be awakened so that we may reconnect to our Ancestors and Ancestral memories.

Handcrafted with premium certified kosher soy wax and pure cotton wick, designed to help you evoke your Witch Power, this deep deep blood red TRUE BLOOD Sacred Witchblood pillar candle is generously scented with an exotic original deeply rich blend of Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin oil exclusive to WITCHCRAFTS Artisan Alchemy™ This gorgeous gothic pillar is dusted with Gold Seal Dragon's Blood and adorned with a silver pewter Pentacle charm hung on luxury Black Velvet ribbon.

Use TRUE BLOOD for power casting, blood moon rites, bonfire rituals, awakening or arousing Witchblood, raising power, empowerment, sexual potency, love magic and conjuring the Ancient Ones.

This extraordinary power pillar measures 3x9".

TRUE BLOOD is available in 2x3", 2x4", 1.5x6", 2x6", 2.5x6", 3x4", 3x6", 3x9", 3x15" and 3x21" pillar sizes. (convo me for custom listing if no listing is up for the size you want)

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