Monday, October 10, 2011

Practicing the Craft with Integrity

י״ב בתשרי תשע"ב
Blodlessing 14

At Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy™ I strive to practice the Craft with integrity and to pass the energy of this integrity on to you, my clients, through the lovely offerings you purchase from my shoppe. While practicing the Craft with integrity may cost me sales, doing so doesn't acquire for me bad karma to pass on to my clients through my sales.

Are you really buying handmade? When an item is listed as handmade at Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy™, you can trust that indeed, the item is handmade at my shoppe.

One has to wonder about the truthfulness and integrity of all a shoppe's listings when clearly commercial items such as crystal balls are tagged as handmade by the shoppe to better position them within the Etsy marketplace categories to make more sales at any cost. This kind of dishonest business practice which blatantly violates Etsy policy hurts every single honest business owner on Etsy and compromises the integrity of the entire Etsy venue.

I may be a bitchy witch sometimes, but I won't lie to you to make a sale.

My commitment to practicing integrity in everything I do has cost me much over the course of my fifty year old lifetime, but you know what? I am blessed by my Ancestors on account of it, and when it comes my time to join them in the Otherworld, I will not be ashamed.

May you who choose to purchase from Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy™ be blessed through the practice of ethical Witchcraft.

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