Sunday, October 09, 2011

About Shmurah Ritual Candles

י״א בתשרי תשע"ב
Blodlessing 13

Most candle shoppes mass produce their candles in batches - it is certainly easier and more expedient to do it that way. In contradistinction to most shoppes, hand poured ritual candles at WITCHCRAFT Artisan Alchemy™ are witch-crafted individually in the full spirit of Old World Tradition with exacting focused magical intent. Created in harmony with the sacred cycles of Old Ways Tradition, with extra attention to detail, and within the context of sacred ritual craftworking, every handcrafted item at WITCHCRAFTS™ reverberates with magical energy and potency. No handcrafted offering at WITCHCRAFTS™ is mass produced.

My individually witch-crafted ritual candles are to the Craft as shmurah matzah is to Jewish Tradition. While batch-made candles may be okay for use in common circumstances as is regular kosher matzah, individually crafted candles carry the magical power of carefully guarded focused magical intent. For Passover rituals, magically observant Jews only use shmurah matzah. For Craft rituals, this magically observant witch only uses "shmurah candles" where the magical power imbued into each individual candle is focused and guarded during each single one's unique creation.

Shmurah means "guarding" with extra precautions and focused conscious observation to ensure that the object being "guarded" is crafted to the exacting specifications required to fulfill the precise ritual obligation for which it is being made. In consequence to the way this process is conducted, a shmurah matzah or candle becomes imbued with the laser-like focused magical intent of its maker and contains maximum magical potency.

Discover the difference of Old Ways magic.

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