Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Importance of Ancestral Traditions to Safe Astral Projection

א' באלול תשע"א
Belz 4

One of my regular customers inquired as to my personal experience with astral projection and I think that some of my response to that inquiry is worthwhile to share publicly with all my customers.

Most of my experiences with astral projection have been spontaneous and not within the context of ritual. The ability to astrally project at will while within a wakeful state is not something I've tried to develop in myself as an adult.

During my adult life, those times I have projected, I did not feel my body was safe, so I returned to it and thus, I am the one willfully by choice blocking further projections. I highly value maintaining the sanctity of my body, modest vehicle that it is. If I am ever in an environment where I don't feel leaving my body is dangerous to it, I may remove that willful blockage.

My centers for projecting are located in my chest and gut. I've never projected through any area of my head or neck. My most powerful projection came as a child entirely through my gut and was initiated as an act of turning consciousness 'inside out' - this projection took me clear to the edges of the universe and beyond the boundaries of all time. This suggests to me that my own optimal center for astral projection is primarily through the sefirah Yesod, as it is known in Kabbalistic magic.

My own experience regarding the danger to my body may not be relevant to all people, and may be peculiar to me as an individual and the way my energetic being and subtle body is constructed. I feel the danger to my own body when I leave it (as an adult) is related to my Jewish heritage and to the fact that I am not able to follow all the dietary laws prescribed by my Jewish ancestral tradition at this point in my life. These dietary laws are likely not relevant or necessary to individuals without a Jewish ancestry or Jewish ancestors who walk the path with them in the Otherworlds.

One's ancestors may require certain things of individuals in spiritual work - fulfilling ancestral requirements for Otherworld pathworking is not limited to Jewish ancestors either. My Celtic ancestors require other things from me - my use of the Pentacle, Celtic knots and openly identifying myself as a Witch with unintimidated heartfelt pride as I live this magical life are among those requirements. I use a Celtic knot altar tile and a large 2" sterling silver Pentacle in ritual in honor of my Celtic ancestors. I am certainly out of the broom closet and open about my unique spiritual path as an eclectic Witch. The way a person lives her or his life - all of these things are important to any kind of spiritual work.

Safe astral projection is not only affected by the technical aspects of how to do it correctly. For this reason, I strongly advocate that those interested in developing a talent for astral projection, listen very acutely to the voices of your ancestors.

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