Monday, August 08, 2011

STAG Artisan Alchemy Power Potion w/ Six Grael Herbs of Spellcasting - Squill, Oak, Ash, Thorn, Rowan and Ginger - for Extraordinary Magic

ט׳ באב תשע"א
Lughnasadh 11

In Celtic mystical tradition, the STAG represents Deity and Mastery of occult skill. Powerful, a master of extraordinary magic, STAG is King of the Forest, independent, proud and pure. STAG is a protector of earth's creatures, a Guardian of Knowledge, and a skillful guide to chosen human beings. STAG is virile, fertile, graceful and Lord of the Law and Wild Things. Associated with the Celtic god Cernunnos, STAG corresponds to the Sun and to masterful ability in the warrior arts.

Handcrafted with premium certified organic ingredients, witch-crafted with focus magical intent, STAG Artisan Alchemy™ Power Potion is charged with six Grael herbs of spellcasting including Squill, Oak bark, Ash bark, Thorn leaves and flowers, Rowan bark and Ginger root. Gemstone charged with a Baltic Amber nugget, the 3ml corked spell bottle is adorned with a silver pewter STAG charm hung on handmade Woodland silk sari ribbon. A deeply masculine original scent infuses STAG with an awesomely virile male energy.

Matching soy votives and pillar candle will soon be available in the Candle Magic section of the shoppe.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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